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I'm not writing this to tell you what to think, just to give you something to think about. Personally, I've thought cheap jordan shoes about this a lot, air jordan shoes retro well before this current crisis (Get it? DC, Crisis. Zing!) At the risk of alienating my readership, I am willing to admit I love sports (gasp!) In my town, Philadelphia (jewel of the east!), we had a similar controversy a few years ago. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick order jordan shoes to be their Quarterback, and jordans shoes 2014 the entire city of brotherly love jordans shoes online had their morals thrown into a tizzy, buy jordan shoes mine included. As a dog air jordan shoes owner, and jordan shoes for sale as someone who, you know, dislikes people who kill defenseless animals with their bare hands, I jordans shoes had a serious issue with his hiring. The question I then had to pose to myself was Do I stop watching and air jordan shoes retro supporting my cheap jordan shoes team entirely due to the actions jordan shoes 2014 of one authentic jordan shoes person? No more Sundays watching the Eagles jordan shoes retro with my dad. No more crabby snacks and homemades. The answer ended up jordans shoes 2014 being pre order jordans shoes and I haven't watched the Eagles since. A large part of jordan shoes my reasoning had to do with the fact that the owners of the Eagles organization, order jordan shoes people whose job is jordans shoes for sale to represent my city, were putting me in this situation, authentic jordans shoes and hoped a few touchdowns and ticks jordan shoes in the win column would smooth things over. They knew it was a powder keg, but they no doubt made their decision based on mountains of jordan shoes online risk/reward data, and for them, pre order jordan shoes the cheap jordans shoes cost we talked about earlier was one they were willing to pay. These are questions I hope the brass at DC has asked themselves, and I hope they can give order jordans shoes an answer more candid and honest than a hollow press release. Alienating your fans will buy jordans shoes sap your power quicker than kryptonite.